Pipin of Herstal



Fader Fødselsdato Moder Fødselsdato
Ansegisel de Metz Begga 615


Partner Fødselsdato Børn
Alpaida 654 Karl Martell


Begivenhedstype Dato Sted Beskrivelse
Fødsel 635
Stilling 680 Konge
Død 16.12.0714


Navn Art Fødselssted Fødselsdato Dødssted Dødsdato
Plectrude Kvindelig partner eller ægtehustru 717
Alpaida Kvindelig partner eller ægtehustru Liège, Walloon Region, Belgium 654 714
Karl Martell Søn Herstal, Belgien 714 Quierzy-sur-Oise 741
Ansegisel de Metz Fader 693
Begga Moder 615 Ardenne 17.12.0693
Karl den Store Carlemange Oldesøn 724 814
Konge Ludvig I Den Fromme Tipoldesøn 778 840
Karl II Den Skallede Tiptipoldesøn 823 877
Ludvig II Den Stammende Tip3-oldesøn 846 879
Karl Charles III Tip4-oldesøn 879 929
Ludvig IV Tip5-oldersøn 10.09.0920 30.09.0954
Gisela af Frankrig Tip6-oldedatter 911
Mathilde af Frankrig Tip6-oldedatter 943 981
Fjern efterslægt
Adele of Normandy 8th granddaughter
Adelaide of Poitiers 9th granddaughter 945 1004
Dulce Berenguer Af Barcelona og Aragonia 10th granddaughter 1192 1198
Berengaria af Portugel 11th granddaughter 1195 1221
Konge Christoffer I 12th grandson 1219 1259
Erik Klippinge 13th grandson 1249 1286
Konge Christoffer II 14th grandson 1276 Lolland 02.08.1332
Pipin den Ældre Bedstefader 580 640
Arnulf Bedstefader Nancy 13.08.0582 Remiremont, France 18.07.0641
Doda Bedstemoder Landen, Belgien 586 Metz, Frankrig 23.10.0640
Itta Bedstemoder 592 652
Grimoald Oldefader 616 656
Teudebald Tipoldefader 555
Ukendt Tiptipoldefader
Teuderich iI Tip3-oldefader 534
Konge Clodewig I Tip4-oldefader Tournai 466 Paris 511
Bassina af Thüringen Tip5-oldemoder 400 438
Childerik I Tip5-oldefader 437 481
Dronning Margrethe Sambria af Pommeren 12th granddaughter-in-law
Konge af Portugal Sancho I 10th grandson-in-law 1211
Pipin III Den yngre Sønne-/dattersøn Jupille 714 Paris, Frankrig 768


Herstal is a municipality of Belgium. It lies in the country's Walloon Region and Province of Liege along the Meuse river. Herstal is included in the "Greater Liège" agglomeration, which counts about 600,000 inhabitants. The Herstal municipality includes the former communes of Milmort, Vottem, and Liers (partly, the other part being incorporated into Juprelle). A large armaments factory, the Fabrique Nationale or FN, provides employment locally.

Merovingian and Carolingian golden age
The proximity of the Meuse River and the abundance of local resources attracted settlers in this area since the fifth millennium BC. Around the end of the Roman era and at the beginning of the Merovingian period, the hamlet had become a fortified stronghold, then known as Héristal. The major road that linked Tongeren to Aachen crossed the Meuse here, where a ferry likely carried travelers to Jupille.

Monument to Charlemagne, Liège, Louis Jéhotte, sculptor, 1867
In the 7th century, Héristal gave its name to the founder of the family that established the Carolingian dynasty. Pippin, lord of Héristal, the powerful Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia and of Neustria under Merovingian king Theuderic III, probably chose this location as his main residence because of its proximity to the major cities of Tongeren, Maastricht, and Liège. Pippin was the father of Charles of Héristal, victor of the decisive Battle of Tours that stopped the Arab-Muslim advance into northwestern Europe, earning him the nickname Martellus (“hammer”). Charles, in turn, was the grandfather of Charlemagne, also supposedly born in Herstal, where he lived for at least fifteen years. Charlemagne later established his capital in Aachen, ending Herstal’s period of medieval glory as capital of the empire.

Pepin (also Pippin, Pipin, or Peppin) of Herstal (635/45 – 16 December 714) was the Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia from 680 to his death and of Neustria and Burgundy from 687 to 695. He was also the first mayor of the palace to "reign" as Duke and Prince of the Franks and he by far overshadowed the Merovingian rois fainéants.

Pepin, sometimes called Pepin II and Pepin the Middle was the grandson and namesake of Pepin I the Elder by the marriage of Pepin I's daughter Begga and Ansegisel, son of Arnulf of Metz. That marriage united the two houses of the Pippinids and the Arnulfings which created what would be called the Carolingian dynasty. Pepin II was probably born in Herstal (Héristal), modern Belgium (where his centre of power lay), whence his byname (sometimes "of Heristal").
As mayor of Austrasia, Pepin and Martin, the duke of Laon, fought the Neustrian mayor Ebroin, who had designs on all Francia. Ebroin defeated the Austrasians at Lucofao (Bois-du-Fay, near Laon) and came close to uniting all the Franks under his rule; however, he was assassinated in 681, the victim of a combined attack by his numerous enemies. Pepin immediately made peace with his successor, Waratton.
However, Waratton's successor, Berthar, and the Neustrian king Theuderic III, who, since 679, was nominal king of all the Franks, made war on Austrasia. The king and his mayor were decisively defeated at the Battle of Tertry (Textrice) in the Vermandois in 687. Berthar and Theuderic withdrew themselves to Paris, where Pepin followed and eventually forced on them a peace treaty with the condition that Berthar leave his office. Pepin was created mayor in all three Frankish kingdoms (Austrasia, Neustria, and Burgundy) and began calling himself Duke and Prince of the Franks (dux et princeps Francorum). In the ensuing quarrels, Berthar killed his mother-in-law Ansfled and fled. His wife Anstrude married Pepin's eldest son Drogo, Duke of Champagne, and Pepin's place in Neustria was secured.
Over the next several years, Pepin subdued the Alemanni, Frisians, and Franconians, bringing them within the Frankish sphere of influence. He also began the evangelisation of Germany. In 695, he placed Drogo in the Burgundian mayorship and his other son, Grimoald, in the Neustrian one.
Around 670, Pepin had married Plectrude, who had inherited substantial estates in the Moselle region. She was the mother of Drogo of Champagne and Grimoald, both of whom died before their father. However, Pepin also had a mistress named Alpaida (or Chalpaida) who bore him two more sons: Charles and Childebrand. Just before Pepin's death, Plectrude convinced him to disinherit his bastards in favour of his grandson, Theudoald, the son of Grimoald, who was still young (and amenable to Plectrude's control). Pepin died suddenly at an old age on 16 December 714, at Jupille (in modern Belgium). His legitimate grandchildren claimed themselves to be Pepin's true successors and, with the help of Plectrude, tried to maintain the position of mayor of the palace after Pepin's death. However, Charles had gained favor among the Austrasians, primarily for his military prowess and ability to keep them well supplied with booty from his conquests. Despite the efforts of Plectrude to silence her rival's child by imprisoning him, he became the sole mayor of the palace --and de facto ruler of Francia-- after a civil war which lasted for more than three years after Pepin's death.

Pippin II den yngre av Herstal

Blev högst 79 år.

Far: Ansegisel av Metz (- 685)
Född: 635
Död: 714
Barn med Alpaida av Sachsen (654 - )

Karl Martell (686 - 741)

Pippin av Herstal, Pippin av Héristal, Pippin II, Pippin den mellerste, Pippin den yngre (född 635, död 16 december 714) frankisk karolingisk maior domus 687-714.

Han var Pippin I:s dotterson genom giftermålet mellan Ansegisel och Begga, Pippin I:s dotter. Som maior domus av Austrasien, Neustrien och Burgund mellan 680 och 714 fick han gradvis kontroll över det frankiska hovet. Den merovingiske kungen Theoderik III försökte avsätta honom men blev grundligt besegrad i slaget vid Trety 687. Hans ättlingar blev också de maior domus och blev till slut frankerrikets lagenliga härskare.

Omkring 670 gifte sig Pippin II med Plectrud för att genom henne komma över landområden kring Moselle. De fick åtminstone två barn och genom dem åtminstone två barnbarn av betydelse. Dessa legitima barn och barnbarn gjorde anspråk på att vara Pippins verkliga arvtagare och försökte genom änkan Plectrud bibehålla ställningen som maior domus efter Pippins död 714. Emellertid vann Karl Martell, Pippins son genom älskarinnan Alpaida eller Chalpaida, stöd hos adeln i Austrasien, framför allt genom sin militära tapperhet och generositeten med att dela med sig av bytet från sina erövringar. Trots Pectrudes försök att tysta Martell genom att slänga honom i fängelse blev han till sist ensam maior domus och i praktiken frankerrikets verkliga härskare.

Gift med Plectrude omkring 670, med vilken han hade följande barn:

Drogo (cirka 695-708)
Grimoald II (död 714)
Childebrand (död 751)
Med älskarinnan Apaida (eller Chalpaida) hade han sone
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