Otto I, Duke of Carinthia



Fader Fødselsdato Moder Fødselsdato
Conrad, Duke of Lorraine 922 Liutgarde of Saxony 931


Partner Fødselsdato Børn
Henrik af Speyer


Begivenhedstype Dato Sted Beskrivelse
Fødsel 848


Navn Art Fødselssted Fødselsdato Dødssted Dødsdato
Henrik af Speyer Søn 990 1039
Conrad, Duke of Lorraine Fader 922 10.8.955
Liutgarde of Saxony Moder 931 18.11.953
Henrik III Oldesøn 1017 1056
Kejser Henrik IV Tipoldesøn 1050 1106
Frederik I Tiptipoldesøn 1050 1105
Hertug af Swabien Frederik II Tip3-oldesøn 1090 1147
Judith af Hohenstaufen Tip4-oldedatter 1135 7.7.1191
Greve af Thuringen Herman den første Tip5-oldersøn 1155 25.4.1217
Agnes af Türingen Tip6-oldedatter 1206 1247
Fjern efterslægt
Anne Nielsdatter Banner 13th granddaughter Vinstrup 1475
Ellen Jensdatter 14th granddaughter
Ellen Pedersdatter Skram 14th granddaughter
Erik Christoffersen Løvenbalk 11th grandson
Erik Jensen 14th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark
Gjertrud Jensdatter 14th grandson
Johan Eriksen 12th grandson
Maren Jensdatter 14th granddaughter Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark
Margrethe Jensdatter 14th granddaughter
Niels Eriksen Banner 12th grandson
Johan I af Brandenburg 8th grandson 1213 04.04.1266
Dronning Agnes Brandenburg 9th granddaughter 1257 1304
Konge Christoffer II 10th grandson 1276 Lolland 02.08.1332
Margrethe Eriksdatter Løvenbalk 12th granddaughter 1322 1350
Niels Eriksen Løvenbalk 12th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1331 Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1377
Jens Nielsen Løvenbalk 13th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1344 Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1438
Mogens Jensen Løvenbalk 14th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1400 Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1441
Eadgyth Bedstemoder
Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor Bedstefader 23.11.912 7.5.973
Ælfflæd Oldemoder
King Edward the Elder Oldefader
King Alfred the great Tipoldefader
Queen Ealhswith Tipoldemoder
Æthelwulf of Wessex Tiptipoldefader
Eadburh Tiptipoldemoder
Nobelman Æthelred Mucil Tiptipoldefader
Queen Osburga Tiptipoldemoder 839 854
Elfrida Tip3-oldemoder
King Coenwulf of Mercia Tip3-oldefader
King Egbert of Wessex Tip3-oldefader
Oslac Tip3-oldefader
Ealhmund of Kent Tip4-oldefader
Grandonkler & grandtanter
Eadgifu Grandtante
Eadhild of England Grandtante
Grand3-onkler & -tanter
Æthelred of Wessex Grand3-onkel
King of Kent Æthelstan Grand3-onkel
Fjerne slægtninge
Estrid Svendsdatter Tiptipoldeforældres tiptipoldedatter
Estrid Svendsdatter Tiptipoldeforældres tiptipoldedatter
Svend Estridsens Mor Tiptipoldeforældres tiptipoldedatter
Harald II Tiptipoldeforældres tiptipoldesøn 889 1018
Gisela af Frankrig Halvkusine 911
Mathilde af Frankrig Halvkusine 943 981
Knud den Store Tiptipoldeforældres tiptipoldesøn 995 12.11.1035
Andre slægtninge
Adele of Normandy Oldeforældres tipoldedatter
Guldharald Tiptipoldeforældres tipoldesøn
Gundhild Kongemor Tiptipoldeforældres sønne-/datterdatter
Harald Blåtand Tiptipoldeforældres sønne-/dattersøn 986
Knud Danaast Tiptipoldeforældres sønne-/dattersøn
Thyra Danebod Grand2-halvtante
Toke Gormsen Tiptipoldeforældres sønne-/dattersøn
Ludvig IV Halvonkel 10.09.0920 30.09.0954
Adelaide of Poitiers Oldeforældres tiptipoldedatter 945 1004
Svend Tveskæg Tiptipoldeforældres tipoldesøn Jellinge 960 England 1014
Else Svendsdatter Udson 14th granddaughter-in-law
Ukendt 13th granddaughter-in-law
Konrad II Sønne-/dattersøn 990 4.6.1039
Greve Ludwig II Tip4-oldesvigersøn 1128 Neunberg Castle 1172


Otto I (c. 948 – 4 November 1004), called Otto of Worms, a member of the Salian dynasty, was Duke of Carinthia from 978 to 985 and again from 1002 until his death.

Otto was born in 948, the only son of Conrad the Red, Duke of Lotharingia since 944, and Liutgarde of Saxony, daughter of Emperor Otto I. As a grandson of the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto was born into a life of power. His mother died five years after he was born, at age 21, and Otto lived much of his early life in his grandfather's court till his death in 973 at age 61, when Otto was 25. His maternal uncle, Otto II, ascended the Imperial throne.

Otto of Worms is first documented as a count in the Nahegau about 956, he also held the Speyergau and Wormsgau, as well as several other counties in the area. In 978, when he was 30 years old, his uncle Emperor Otto II appointed him Carinthian duke and Margrave of Verona, after his Luitpolding predecessor Henry the Younger had unsuccessfully rebelled against the Imperial authority during the War of the Three Henries and was deposed. In 985 however, Emperor Otto's widow Theophanu, in order to gain support for the succession of her minor son Otto III, restored Carinthia to the Luitpoldings, and Otto again lost his duchy. He could at least retain the ducal title as "Duke of Worms", received the Kaiserpfalz of Lautern and seized large estates of Wissembourg (Weißenburg) Abbey in compensation.

Upon the death of Duke Henry II of Bavaria in 995, Otto at first received the March of Verona back, while Carinthia passed to Henry's son Duke Henry IV of Bavaria. When Emperor Otto III had died in 1002, Otto of Worms and Henry IV of Bavaria were candidates for the election as King of the Romans; Otto withdrew and received the Duchy of Carinthia from the newly elected king Henry (then Henry II of Germany) in return. Nevertheless he was forced to cede his Rhenish possessions to his long-time rival Bishop Burchard of Worms.

Otto died two years later, he was succeeded as Carinthian duke by his son, Conrad.

Otto married Judith (died 991), probably a granddaughter of Duke Arnulf the Bad of Bavaria. They had the following known children:

Henry of Speyer (died before 1000), Count in the Wormsgau
Brun (died 999), ruled as Pope Gregory V from 996
Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia (1004–1011)
William, Bishop of Strasbourg (1028–1047)





Dato Alder Begivenhed Kategori
CA 850 2.0 Opfindelsen af krudtet Teknologi
11 Sep 910 62.2 Grundlæggelsen af klostret Cluny Frankrig
922 74.0 Begyndelsen på Córdoba-kalifatet Spanien