Amadeus III of Savoy



Partner Fødselsdato Børn
Mahaut of Albon Maud of Savoy


Begivenhedstype Dato Sted Beskrivelse
Fødsel 1095
Død 1148


Navn Art Fødselssted Fødselsdato Dødssted Dødsdato
Mahaut of Albon Kvindelig partner eller ægtehustru
Maud of Savoy Datter
Berengaria af Portugel Oldedatter 1195 1221
Konge Christoffer I Tipoldesøn 1219 1259
Erik Klippinge Tiptipoldesøn 1249 1286
Konge Christoffer II Tip3-oldesøn 1276 Lolland 02.08.1332
Erik Christoffersen Løvenbalk Tip4-oldesøn
Johan Eriksen Tip5-oldersøn
Niels Eriksen Banner Tip5-oldersøn
Margrethe Eriksdatter Løvenbalk Tip5-oldedatter 1322 1350
Niels Eriksen Løvenbalk Tip5-oldersøn Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1331 Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1377
Anne Nielsdatter Banner Tip6-oldedatter Vinstrup 1475
Jens Nielsen Løvenbalk Tip6-oldesøn Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1344 Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1438
Fjern efterslægt
Anne Kaas 12th granddaughter
Ellen Jensdatter 8th granddaughter
Ellen Pedersdatter Skram 8th granddaughter
Erik Jensen 8th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark
Gjertrud Jensdatter 8th grandson
Jens Lauridsen Løvenbalk 10th grandson 29.04.1538
Jørgen Lauridsen Løvenbalk 10th grandson Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1532
Knud Lauridsen Løvenbalk 10th grandson Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1529
Maren Jensdatter 8th granddaughter Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark
Maren Lauridsdatter Løvenbalk 10th granddaughter Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark
Margrethe Jensdatter 8th granddaughter
Mogens Lauridsen Løvenbalk 10th grandson 1536
Svend / Jens Rød 12th grandson
Mogens Jensen Løvenbalk 8th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1400 Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1441
Laurids Mogensen Løvenbalk 9th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1454 Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1500
Jens Nielsen Kaas 9th grandson 1477 Taarupgaard 1519
Thøger Jensen Løvenbalk Broder Thøger 11th grandson Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1490 1542
Niels Jensen Kaas 10th grandson 1505 1534
Bjørn Kaas 11th grandson Staarup Hovedgaard 1518 Bygholm 26.03.1581
Peder Thøgersen Løvenbalk 12th grandson Viborg, Viborg, Danmark 1532 03.05.1595
Else Pedersdatter 13th granddaughter 1559 1591
Else Pedersdatter Løvenbalk 13th granddaughter Viborg, Viborg, Danmark 1559
Birthe Mouridsdatter 13th granddaughter 1565 1600
Thøger Jacobsen Holm 14th grandson Viborg, Viborg, Danmark 1579 Ramme, Ringsted, Danmark 1630
Peder Jacobsen Holm 14th grandson 1585 1639
Anne Jensdatter 14th granddaughter 1586 1649
Jacob Jacobsen Holm 14th grandson Viborg, Viborg, Danmark 1587 Nykøbing, Lodderuo, Viborg, Danmark 1663
Kirsten Jacobsen Holm 14th granddaughter Viborg, Viborg, Danmark 1590 1653
Else Jacobsen Holm 14th granddaughter Viborg, Viborg, Danmark 1591
Anne Joachimsdatter Flemming 9th granddaughter-in-law
Dronning Margrethe Sambria af Pommeren Tipoldesvigerdatter
Else Svendsdatter Udson 8th granddaughter-in-law
Erik Skram 10th grandson-in-law
Konge af Portugal Sancho I Sønne-/dattersøn 1211
Maria Nielsdatter Arctand 14th granddaughter-in-law
Søren Christensen Bhie 14th granddaughter-in-law Ingstrup, Hjørring, Danmark
Thomas Christensen Mumme 14th grandson-in-law
Ukendt Tip6-oldesvigerdatter
Dulce Berenguer Af Barcelona og Aragonia Datter-/Sønnesøns ægtefælle 1192 1198
Anne Pedersdatter 11th granddaughter-in-law 1510
Jacob Jensen Holm 13th grandson-in-law Viborg, Viborg, Danmark 1543 Ålborg, Fleskum Herred, Ålborg, Danmark 29.04.1609
Mette Christoffersdatter Bang 14th granddaughter-in-law Skyum, Thisted, Danmark 1565


Amadeus III, Count of Savoy
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Amadeus III of Savoy

Coats of Arms of early Counts of Savoy
Spouse(s) Adelaide
Mahaut of Albon
Noble family House of Savoy
Father Humbert II of Savoy
Mother Gisela of Burgundy
Born 1095
Died April 1148
Burial Church of St. Croix in Nicosia
Amadeus III of Savoy (1095, Carignano, Piedmont – April 1148, Nicosia) was Count of Savoy and Maurienne from 1103 until his death. He was also known as the Crusader. [1]
He was the son of Humbert II of Savoy and Gisela of Burgundy, the daughter of William I of Burgundy. He succeeded as count of Savoy upon the death of his father. Amadeus had a tendency to exaggerate his titles, and also claimed to be Duke of Lombardy, Duke of Burgundy, Duke of Chablais, and vicar of the Holy Roman Empire, the latter of which had been given to his father by Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor.
He helped restore the Abbey of St. Maurice of Agaune, in which the former kings of Burgundy had been crowned, and of which he himself was abbot until 1147. He also founded the Abbey of St. Sulpicius in Bugey, Tamié Abbey in the Bauges, and Hautecombe Abbey on the Lac du Bourget.
In 1128, Amadeus extended his realm, known as the "Old Chablais", by adding to it the region extending from the Arve to the Dranse d'Abondance, which came to be called the "New Chablais" with its capital at St. Moritz. Despite his marriage to Mahaut, he still fought against his brother-in-law Guy, who was killed at the Battle of Montmeillan. Following this, King Louis VI of France, married to Amadeus' sister Adélaide de Maurienne, attempted to confiscate Savoy. Amadeus was saved by the intercession of Peter the Hermit, and by his promise to participate in Louis' planned crusade.
In 1147, he accompanied his nephew Louis VII of France and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine on the Second Crusade. He financed his expedition with help from a loan from the Abbey of St. Maurice. In his retinue were many barons from Savoy, including the lords of Faucigny, Seyssel, La Chambre, Miolans, Montbel[disambiguation needed ], Thoire, Montmayeur, Vienne, Viry, La Palude, Blonay, Chevron-Villette, Chignin, and Châtillon. Amadeus travelled south through Italy to Brindisi, where he crossed over to Durazzo, and marched east along the Via Egnatia to meet Louis at Constantinople in late 1147. After crossing into Anatolia, Amadeus, who was leading the vanguard, became separated from Louis near Laodicea, and Louis' forces were almost entirely destroyed.
Marching on to Adalia, Louis, Amadeus, and other barons decided to continue to Antioch by ship. On the journey, Amadeus fell ill on Cyprus, and died at Nicosia in April 1148. He was buried in the Church of St. Croix in Nicosia. In Savoy, his son Humbert III succeeded him, under the regency of bishop Amadeus of Lausanne.




Dato Alder Begivenhed Kategori
999 - 1139 (-96.1) - 44.0 Normannisk erobring af Syditalien og Sicilien Krige
1096 - 1099 1.0 - 4.0 Første korstog Verden
1122 27.0 Worms-konkordatet, enden på striden om indsættelsesretten af bisper Verden
1147 52.0 Første omtale af Moskva Rusland