Ludvig IV



Fader Fødselsdato Moder Fødselsdato
Karl Charles III 879 Eadgifu


Partner Fødselsdato Børn
Gerberga af Burgund 965 Gisela af Frankrig
Mathilde af Frankrig


Begivenhedstype Dato Sted Beskrivelse
Fødsel 10.09.0920
Stilling 936 Laon, Frankrig Konge af Frankrig
Død 30.09.0954


Navn Art Fødselssted Fødselsdato Dødssted Dødsdato
Gerberga af Burgund Kvindelig partner eller ægtehustru 965 1016
Gisela af Frankrig Datter 911
Mathilde af Frankrig Datter 943 981
Eadgifu Moder
Karl Charles III Fader 879 929
Adelaide of Poitiers Oldedatter 945 1004
Dulce Berenguer Af Barcelona og Aragonia Tipoldedatter 1192 1198
Berengaria af Portugel Tiptipoldedatter 1195 1221
Konge Christoffer I Tip3-oldesøn 1219 1259
Erik Klippinge Tip4-oldesøn 1249 1286
Konge Christoffer II Tip5-oldersøn 1276 Lolland 02.08.1332
Erik Christoffersen Løvenbalk Tip6-oldesøn
Fjern efterslægt
Anne Kaas 14th granddaughter
Anne Nielsdatter Banner 9th granddaughter Vinstrup 1475
Ellen Jensdatter 10th granddaughter
Ellen Pedersdatter Skram 10th granddaughter
Erik Jensen 10th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark
Gjertrud Jensdatter 10th grandson
Jens Lauridsen Løvenbalk 12th grandson 29.04.1538
Johan Eriksen 8th grandson
Jørgen Lauridsen Løvenbalk 12th grandson Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1532
Knud Lauridsen Løvenbalk 12th grandson Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1529
Maren Jensdatter 10th granddaughter Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark
Maren Lauridsdatter Løvenbalk 12th granddaughter Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark
Margrethe Jensdatter 10th granddaughter
Mogens Lauridsen Løvenbalk 12th grandson 1536
Niels Eriksen Banner 8th grandson
Svend / Jens Rød 14th grandson
Margrethe Eriksdatter Løvenbalk 8th granddaughter 1322 1350
Niels Eriksen Løvenbalk 8th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1331 Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1377
Jens Nielsen Løvenbalk 9th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1344 Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1438
Mogens Jensen Løvenbalk 10th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1400 Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1441
Laurids Mogensen Løvenbalk 11th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1454 Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1500
Jens Nielsen Kaas 11th grandson 1477 Taarupgaard 1519
Thøger Jensen Løvenbalk Broder Thøger 13th grandson Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1490 1542
Niels Jensen Kaas 12th grandson 1505 1534
Bjørn Kaas 13th grandson Staarup Hovedgaard 1518 Bygholm 26.03.1581
Peder Thøgersen Løvenbalk 14th grandson Viborg, Viborg, Danmark 1532 03.05.1595
Ælfflæd Bedstemoder
King Edward the Elder Bedstefader
Ludvig II Den Stammende Bedstefader 846 879
Adelheid Bedstemoder 855 901
King Alfred the great Oldefader
Queen Ealhswith Oldemoder
Karl II Den Skallede Oldefader 823 877
Ermentrud Oldemoder 830 869
Æthelwulf of Wessex Tipoldefader
Eadburh Tipoldemoder
Judith Tipoldemoder 843
Nobelman Æthelred Mucil Tipoldefader
Odo af Orleans Tipoldefader 924
Konge Ludvig I Den Fromme Tipoldefader 778 840
Queen Osburga Tipoldemoder 839 854
Elfrida Tiptipoldemoder
Hildegard Tiptipoldemoder
King Coenwulf of Mercia Tiptipoldefader
King Egbert of Wessex Tiptipoldefader
Oslac Tiptipoldefader
Welf Tiptipoldefader
Karl den Store Carlemange Tiptipoldefader 724 814
Bertrada af Laon Tip3-oldemoder
Ealhmund of Kent Tip3-oldefader
Gerold Tip3-oldefader
Imma Tip3-oldemoder
Pipin III Den yngre Tip3-oldefader Jupille 714 Paris, Frankrig 768
Heirbert af Laon Tip4-oldefader
Hnabi Tip4-oldefader
Chrodtrud Tip4-oldemoder 690 724
Karl Martell Tip4-oldefader Herstal, Belgien 714 Quierzy-sur-Oise 741
Pipin of Herstal Tip5-oldefader 635 16.12.0714
Alpaida Tip5-oldemoder Liège, Walloon Region, Belgium 654 714
Fjerne forfædre
Ansegisel de Metz 7th great grandfather 693
Teudebald 10th great grandfather 555
Teuderich iI 12th great grandfather 534
Ukendt 11th great grandfather
Bassina af Thüringen 14th great grandmother 400 438
Childerik I 14th great grandfather 437 481
Konge Clodewig I 13th great grandfather Tournai 466 Paris 511
Pipin den Ældre 8th great grandfather 580 640
Arnulf 8th great grandfather Nancy 13.08.0582 Remiremont, France 18.07.0641
Doda 8th great grandmother Landen, Belgien 586 Metz, Frankrig 23.10.0640
Itta 8th great grandmother 592 652
Begga 7th great grandmother 615 Ardenne 17.12.0693
Grimoald 9th great grandfather 616 656
Onkler & tanter
Eadgyth Tante
Eadhild of England Tante
Grand2-onkler & -tanter
Æthelred of Wessex Grand2-onkel
King of Kent Æthelstan Grand2-onkel
Liutgarde of Saxony Kusine 931 18.11.953
Fjerne slægtninge
Guldharald Tipoldeforældres tipoldesøn
Svend Tveskæg Tipoldeforældres tipoldesøn Jellinge 960 England 1014
Otto I, Duke of Carinthia Halvnevø 848
Henrik af Speyer Halv-grandnevø 990 1039
Konrad II Halv-grand2-nevø 990 4.6.1039
Andre slægtninge
Estrid Svendsdatter Tipoldeforældres tiptipoldedatter
Estrid Svendsdatter Tipoldeforældres tiptipoldedatter
Gundhild Kongemor Tipoldeforældres sønne-/datterdater
Harald Blåtand Tipoldeforældres sønne-/dattersøn 986
Knud Danaast Tipoldeforældres sønne-/dattersøn
Svend Estridsens Mor Tipoldeforældres tiptipoldedatter
Thyra Danebod Grand-halvtante
Toke Gormsen Tipoldeforældres sønne-/dattersøn
Harald II Tipoldeforældres tiptipoldesøn 889 1018
Knud den Store Tipoldeforældres tiptipoldesøn 995 12.11.1035
Adele of Normandy Sønne-/datterdatter
Anne Joachimsdatter Flemming 11th granddaughter-in-law
Dronning Margrethe Sambria af Pommeren Tip3-oldesvigerdatter
Else Svendsdatter Udson 10th granddaughter-in-law
Erik Skram 12th grandson-in-law
Konge af Portugal Sancho I Tipoldesvigersøn 1211
Ukendt 9th granddaughter-in-law
Anne Pedersdatter 13th granddaughter-in-law 1510


Louis IV of France
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A denier from the reign of Louis IV, minted at Chinon
Louis IV (10 September 920 – 30 September 954), called d'Outremer or Transmarinus (both meaning "from overseas"), reigned as King of Western Francia from 936 to 954. He was a member of the Carolingian dynasty, the son of Charles III and Eadgifu of England, a daughter of King Edward the Elder.
Contents [hide]
1 Early years across the sea
2 Return to France
3 Ancestry
4 Marriage and children
5 Notes
6 References
[edit]Early years across the sea

He was only two years old when his father was deposed by the nobles, who set up Robert I in his place. When he was only three years old, Robert died and was replaced by Rudolph, duke of Burgundy. Rudolph's ally, a Carolingian himself, Count Herbert II of Vermandois, took Charles captive by treachery and the young Louis's mother took the boy "over the sea" to the safety of England, hence his nickname.
[edit]Return to France

Charles died in 929, but Rudolph ruled on until 936, when Louis was summoned back to France unanimously by the nobles, especially Hugh the Great, who had probably organised his return to prevent Herbert II, or Rudolph's brother Hugh the Black, taking the throne. He was crowned king at Laon by Artald, archbishop of Rheims, on Sunday 19 June 936. The chronicler Flodoard records the events as follows:

"The Bretons, returning from the lands across the sea with the support of King Athelstan, came back to their country. Duke Hugh sent across the sea to summon Louis, son of Charles, to be received as king, and King Athelstan, his uncle, first taking oaths from the legates of the Franks, sent him to the Frankish kingdom with some of his bishops, and other followers. Hugh and the other nobles of the Franks went to meet him and committed themselves to him[;] immediately he disembarked on the sands of Boulogne, as had been agreed on both sides. From there he was conducted by them to Laon, and, endowed with the royal benediction, he was anointed and crowned by the lord Archbishop Artold, in the presence of the chief men of his kingdom, with 20 bishops."[2]

Effectively, his sovereignty was limited to the town of Laon and to some places in the north of France, Louis displayed a keenness beyond his years in obtaining the recognition of his authority by his feuding nobles. Nonetheless, his reign was filled with conflict; in particular with Hugh the Great, count of Paris.
Louis IV fell from his horse and died September 10, 954, at Rheims, in the Marne, and is interred there at Saint Rémi Basilica.

Marriage and children

In 939, Louis became involved in a struggle with the Emperor Otto the Great on the question of Lorraine, but then married Otto's sister Gerberga of Saxony (914 – May 5, 984). They were parents to eight children:
Lothair of France (941-986)
Mathilde b. about 943; married Conrad of Burgundy
Hildegarde b. about 944
Carloman b. about 945
Louis b. about 948
Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine (953-993)
Alberade b. before 953
Henri b. about 953





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