Bardas Skleros



父亲 出生日期 母亲 出生日期
Gregoria Skleros


伴侣 出生日期 子女
Basil Skleros
Kejser Romanus III


名称 类型 出生地点 出生日期 死亡地点 死亡日期
Basil Skleros 儿子
Kejser Romanus III 儿子
Gregoria Skleros 母亲
Helena Sklerina 孙女
Anastasia 曾孙女
Storfyrste af Kiev Vladinar II Monomachos 玄孙 1053 19.5.1125
Storfyrste af Kiev Mitislav I 来孙
Ingeborg af Novgorod 晜孙女 18.1.1122
Konge Valdemar I den Store Monomakh 仍孙 14.1.1131 12.5.1182
Valdemar II Sejr 云孙 1170 1241
Konge Christoffer I 耳孙 1219 1259
Anne Nielsdatter Banner 12th granddaughter Vinstrup 1475
Ellen Jensdatter 13th granddaughter
Ellen Pedersdatter Skram 13th granddaughter
Erik Christoffersen Løvenbalk 10th grandson
Erik Jensen 13th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark
Gjertrud Jensdatter 13th grandson
Johan Eriksen 11th grandson
Maren Jensdatter 13th granddaughter Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark
Margrethe Jensdatter 13th granddaughter
Niels Eriksen Banner 11th grandson
Erik Klippinge 8th grandson 1249 1286
Konge Christoffer II 9th grandson 1276 Lolland 02.08.1332
Margrethe Eriksdatter Løvenbalk 11th granddaughter 1322 1350
Niels Eriksen Løvenbalk 11th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1331 Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1377
Jens Nielsen Løvenbalk 12th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1344 Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1438
Mogens Jensen Løvenbalk 13th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1400 Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1441
Laurids Mogensen Løvenbalk 14th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1454 Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1500
Jens Nielsen Kaas 14th grandson 1477 Taarupgaard 1519
Bardas Skleros 祖父
Bardas Konstantinos of Macedonia 曾祖父
Byzantinsk kejser Basil I Skleros 伯叔祖父
Anne Joachimsdatter Flemming 14th granddaughter-in-law
Dronning Margrethe Sambria af Pommeren 耳外孙女
Else Svendsdatter Udson 13th granddaughter-in-law
Ukendt 12th granddaughter-in-law
Konge Knud Lavard 晜外孙 1096 1131
Dronning Sofia af Minsk 仍外孙女 1140 05.05.1198


Bardas Skleros (Greek: Βάρδας Σκληρός) or Sclerus was a Byzantine general who led a wide-scale Asian rebellion against Emperor Basil II in 976–979.

Bardas belonged to the great family of the Skleroi, which owned enormous estates at the eastern outskirts of Asia Minor. His mother Gregoria descended from Basil I's brother Bardas. The greatest coup of his early career was a brilliant defense of Constantinople against the army of Svyatoslav I of Kiev in 970. During the Battle of Arcadiopolis, he reportedly managed to inflict as many as 20,000 casualties on the Rus, while the campaign claimed the lives of merely 25 Greek soldiers.

After he had shown himself equal to dealing with the fiercest enemies of Byzantium, Bardas became a trusted advisor to John I Tzimiskes, who was likewise of Armenian stock and his brother-in-law. Upon John's death, Skleros aspired to replace him as an acting emperor. The eunuch Basil Lekapenos, who actually led the imperial government, entertained other plans, however, deposing Bardas from his key post of general in the East in 975.

According to Michael Psellos, Skleros was "a man who was not only a competent planner, but extremely clever in carrying out his schemes, possessed of vast wealth (no mean asset in one who aimed at a throne), with the prestige of royal blood and of success in great wars, with all the military caste at his side to help on his enterprise."

Upon hearing the news of his deposition, Skleros came to an agreement with local Armenian, Georgian and even Muslim rulers who all vowed to support his claims to the imperial crown. He successfully stirred up rebellion among his relatives and adherents in the Asian provinces, rapidly making himself master of Caesaria, Antioch, and most of Asia Minor.

After several navy commanders defected to Skleros's side, he dashed to Constantinople, threatening to blockade the Dardanelles. The rebel navy under Michael Kourtikios raided the Aegean and attempted to blockade the Dardanelles, but were defeated by the Imperial Fleet.

Having lost supremacy at sea, Skleros at once laid siege to the town of Nicaea, which was considered a key to the capital. The town was fortified by a certain Manuel Erotikos, father of the future emperor Isaac Komnenos and progenitor of the Komnenoi dynasty.

Meanwhile, Basil recalled from exile Bardas Phokas the Younger, a general who had revolted in the previous reign and been interned in a monastery for seven years. Phokas proceeded to Sebastea in the East, where his family demesnes were situated. He came to an understanding with David III Kuropalates of Tao/Taik, who pledged 12,000 Georgian horsemen under the command of Tornikios to Phokas' aid.

Skleros instantly left Nicaea for the East and defeated Phokas in two battles, but the latter was victorious in a third. On March 24, 979 two leaders clashed in single combat, with Skleros cutting the right ear of Phocas' horse with his lance before sustaining a grave wound to the head. The rumour of his death put his army to flight, but Skleros himself found shelter with his Muslim allies. Thereupon the rebellion was subdued without difficulty.





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