Karl Charles III



父亲 出生日期 母亲 出生日期
Ludvig II Den Stammende 846 Adelheid 855


伴侣 出生日期 子女
Eadgifu Ludvig IV


事件类型 日期 地点 描述
出生 879
死亡 929


名称 类型 出生地点 出生日期 死亡地点 死亡日期
Eadgifu 伴侣或妻子
Ludvig IV 儿子 10.09.0920 30.09.0954
Ludvig II Den Stammende 父亲 846 879
Adelheid 母亲 855 901
Gisela af Frankrig 孙女 911
Mathilde af Frankrig 孙女 943 981
Adele of Normandy 曾孙女
Adelaide of Poitiers 玄孙女 945 1004
Dulce Berenguer Af Barcelona og Aragonia 来孙女 1192 1198
Berengaria af Portugel 晜孙女 1195 1221
Konge Christoffer I 仍孙 1219 1259
Erik Klippinge 云孙 1249 1286
Konge Christoffer II 耳孙 1276 Lolland 02.08.1332
Anne Nielsdatter Banner 10th granddaughter Vinstrup 1475
Ellen Jensdatter 11th granddaughter
Ellen Pedersdatter Skram 11th granddaughter
Erik Christoffersen Løvenbalk 8th grandson
Erik Jensen 11th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark
Gjertrud Jensdatter 11th grandson
Jens Lauridsen Løvenbalk 13th grandson 29.04.1538
Johan Eriksen 9th grandson
Jørgen Lauridsen Løvenbalk 13th grandson Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1532
Knud Lauridsen Løvenbalk 13th grandson Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1529
Maren Jensdatter 11th granddaughter Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark
Maren Lauridsdatter Løvenbalk 13th granddaughter Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark
Margrethe Jensdatter 11th granddaughter
Mogens Lauridsen Løvenbalk 13th grandson 1536
Niels Eriksen Banner 9th grandson
Margrethe Eriksdatter Løvenbalk 9th granddaughter 1322 1350
Niels Eriksen Løvenbalk 9th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1331 Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1377
Jens Nielsen Løvenbalk 10th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1344 Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1438
Mogens Jensen Løvenbalk 11th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1400 Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1441
Laurids Mogensen Løvenbalk 12th grandson Aunsbjerg Herregård Sjørslev, Aunsbjerg, Viborg, Danmark 1454 Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1500
Jens Nielsen Kaas 12th grandson 1477 Taarupgaard 1519
Thøger Jensen Løvenbalk Broder Thøger 14th grandson Tjele Gods, Viborg, Danmark 1490 1542
Niels Jensen Kaas 13th grandson 1505 1534
Bjørn Kaas 14th grandson Staarup Hovedgaard 1518 Bygholm 26.03.1581
Karl II Den Skallede 祖父 823 877
Ermentrud 祖母 830 869
Judith 曾祖母 843
Odo af Orleans 曾祖父 924
Konge Ludvig I Den Fromme 曾祖父 778 840
Hildegard 高祖母
Welf 高祖父
Karl den Store Carlemange 高祖父 724 814
Bertrada af Laon 天祖母
Gerold 天祖父
Imma 天祖母
Pipin III Den yngre 天祖父 Jupille 714 Paris, Frankrig 768
Heirbert af Laon 烈祖父
Hnabi 烈祖父
Chrodtrud 烈祖母 690 724
Karl Martell 烈祖父 Herstal, Belgien 714 Quierzy-sur-Oise 741
Pipin of Herstal 太祖父 635 16.12.0714
Alpaida 太祖母 Liège, Walloon Region, Belgium 654 714
Ansegisel de Metz 远祖父 693
Begga 远祖母 615 Ardenne 17.12.0693
Teudebald 9th great grandfather 555
Teuderich iI 11th great grandfather 534
Ukendt 10th great grandfather
Bassina af Thüringen 13th great grandmother 400 438
Childerik I 13th great grandfather 437 481
Konge Clodewig I 12th great grandfather Tournai 466 Paris 511
Pipin den Ældre 7th great grandfather 580 640
Arnulf 7th great grandfather Nancy 13.08.0582 Remiremont, France 18.07.0641
Doda 7th great grandmother Landen, Belgien 586 Metz, Frankrig 23.10.0640
Itta 7th great grandmother 592 652
Grimoald 8th great grandfather 616 656
Anne Joachimsdatter Flemming 12th granddaughter-in-law
Dronning Margrethe Sambria af Pommeren 仍外孙女
Else Svendsdatter Udson 11th granddaughter-in-law
Erik Skram 13th grandson-in-law
Konge af Portugal Sancho I 来外孙 1211
Ukendt 10th granddaughter-in-law
Anne Pedersdatter 14th granddaughter-in-law 1510


Charles III (September 17, 879 – October 7, 929), called the Simple or the Straightforward (from the contemporary Latin: Karolus Simplex), was a member of the Carolingian dynasty who ruled as King of Western Francia from 893 to 922/923.[1]
He was the posthumous son of King Louis the Stammerer and his third wife Adelaide of Paris. Charles first married Frederonne who died in 917 and then Eadgifu, the daughter of Edward the Elder of England, on October 7, 919.
As a child, Charles was prevented from succeeding to the throne at the time of the death in 884 of his half-brother Carloman or at the time of the deposition of the Holy Roman Emperor, his uncle Charles the Fat, in 887. Instead, Odo, Count of Paris, succeeded Charles the Fat. Nonetheless, Charles was crowned by some nobles in 893.[1] Charles became sole king at the age of nineteen upon the death of Odo in 898.
In 911 Charles gave the lower Seine area, eventually known as Normandy, as a fief to the Norse leader Rollo in the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, thereby ending the series of Viking raids into France.
In 922 some of the barons (including Herbert II of Vermandois) revolted and crowned Robert I, brother of Odo, king. In 923, at the battle of Soissons, King Robert was killed, but Charles was also defeated. Rudolph, Duke of Burgundy was elected king, and Charles was imprisoned.
Charles died on October 7, 929, in prison at Péronne (Somme, France) and was buried there at the abbey of St. Fursy. His son with Eadgifu would eventually be crowned in 936 as Louis IV of France and his daughter Gisela was married in 911 to Rollo of Normandy.





日期 年龄 事件 类别
11 Sep 910 31.2 克吕尼隐修院建立 法国
922 43.0 科尔多瓦哈里发王朝开始 西班牙